Welcome to the future of property management.

Welcome to Agora.

Agora is a streamlined mobile application for real estate businesses to administrate less and sell more.

Work smart, sell more…

  • Manage your clients, meetings, and properties in one app.
  • Cut the administration time by 65%.
  • Synchronize faster: upload a new property to predefined websites.
  • Have your complete portfolio in your pocket anytime.
  • Work together with your colleges. Shared data can help you all.

Forget the double work!

Save time with Agora. It’s 65% faster than the usual real estate process.

The all-in-one solution

With our innovative application, you can register your new properties on the spot and you can make the offer for sale with just a few taps. You don’t need to do any double-work and you can forget the administrative tasks.

Database anytime, anywhere

A real-time, cloud-based property and client database available 0-24 from your mobile phone.

No need for double work

Reducing total administration time by 65%.

Admin platform (coming soon)

Track your team’s performance.

Shared data for your colleges

Registering and publishing a new property ad right on the spot – and share it with your team.


Intuitive search module

Search properties by drawing the area around your clients are interested in.

Get green, get paperless (coming soon)

Generate and sign all your contracts electronically.

Developed for industry professionals, without hidden fees

We know being a realtor is a wonderful profession but keeping up with the essential administration might be exhausting and time-consuming. We believe that sales is based on people and paying more attention makes you a better salesperson. It creates better service and helps you close more deals.

Our service doesn’t include hidden fees. It’s only 1€ / property / month without any additional costs. So you only pay after properties you manage, without any sinking costs caused by the usual monthly subscription systems.

Our goal is to make the real estate business flow more efficient by using simple digital technologies. Although lots of modern solutions are available today we barely use them in real estate segment. Let’s replace pen and paper with up-to-date solutions and have your database in you pocket – anywhere, anytime.

How does it work

1. Download the app from AppStore or Google Play.

2. Create your account and select your subscription.

3. Start using our innovative system for only 1€ / property / month. No additional fees!

What you get by using our solution


Business clarity

You get a comprehensive picture about your team’s performance so you can be up-to-date with your whole portfolio real-time.


simplified activities

Registering a new property is easier than ever and you can save 65% of your time by reducing administration.


client satisfaction

You can prepare the advertisesement right on the spot which immediately increases your clients’ commitment.


specialized support

We are here to help you anytime to ensure the smoothest business flow for you.