Ingyenes teszidőszakunk alatt most korlátozás nélkül kipróbálhatod az Agorát. A letöltéshez kattints IDE, személyre szabott demoért pedig IDE.During our free trial period, you can try the Agora without any restrictions. Click HERE to download or HERE for a personalized demo.

For who?

Agora is a solution for agencies, realtors, and real estate office managers. They all find their part in the app.

Why’s it useful for real estate agencies?

Our transparent UI will provide you an easy-to-use system.

Forget the Excel sheets, be flexible.

It’s a cloud-based up-to-date software. Every data you need is with you.

Shared knowledge is the key in this industry. Share your portfolio and work together.

Agora is automatic: your property ads can pop up on several real estate sites at the same time.

Why use Agora as a realtor?

Every data (and your colleagues’ data) is in your pocket, 0-24.

The possibility of doing a business: right on the spot!

Save 65% of your time – concentrate on your business, not the administration.

Automatic reminders about meetings, ads, etc.

Why use it as a real estate office manager?

It’s boosting your realtors’ productivity because they can focus on the important things instead of administration. This means more time –> more clients –> more sells.

See real-time what’s your team working on.

Save costs on administration – you don’t need administrative workforce anymore.

Generate reports about your team’s work. Improve your performance evaluation.