Ingyenes teszidőszakunk alatt most korlátozás nélkül kipróbálhatod az Agorát. A letöltéshez kattints IDE.During our free trial period, you can try the Agora without any restrictions. Click HERE to download.

For who?

Agora is a solution for agencies, realtors, and real estate office managers. They all find their part in the app.

It’s time for a smaller agency to have a system like the big ones.

Why’s it useful for real estate agencies?

Our transparent UI will provide you an easy-to-use system.

Forget the Excel sheets, be flexible.

It’s a cloud-based up-to-date software. Every data you need is with you.

Shared knowledge is the key in this industry. Share your portfolio and work together.

Agora is automatic: your property ads can pop up on several real estate sites at the same time.

Why use Agora as a realtor?

Every data (and your colleagues’ data) is in your pocket, 0-24.

The possibility of doing a business: right on the spot!

Save 65% of your time – concentrate on your business, not the administration.

Automatic reminders about meetings, ads, etc.

Why use it as a real estate office manager?

It’s boosting your realtors’ productivity because they can focus on the important things instead of administration. This means more time –> more clients –> more sells.

See real-time what’s your team working on.

Save costs on administration – you don’t need administrative workforce anymore.

Generate reports about your team’s work. Improve your performance evaluation.