Ingyenes teszidőszakunk alatt most korlátozás nélkül kipróbálhatod az Agorát. A letöltéshez kattints IDE, személyre szabott demoért pedig IDE.During our free trial period, you can try the Agora without any restrictions. Click HERE to download or HERE for a personalized demo.


Be flexible, be present

Create a new property ad right on the spot – and follow it’s performance 0-24 from your pocket. Use our intuitive search to simply draw a circle on the map.

Close more deals

Work smart, sell more. Save your time to improve your productivity. Forget the administration, but don’t forget anything important. Our reminders are there for you, to get things done.

For managers

Follow your team real-time, forget the old ways, and the Excel-attached emails. Create effective reports about your team’s productivity.

In-app functions

Intuitive search UI

Just draw a circle you want to find new properties. Forget the street names.

Registrate new properties on the spot

Found a new property? Start selling right on time. There’s no need for double work and hours-long administration. 

Cloud-based real estate service

Agora is there for you anywhere, anytime.

Shared database

Work from your colleagues’ data too. A shared database is a key factor for a successful real estate company.

Send offers easily! (coming soon)

Automatically generated offers for your clients – with one tap on the screen!

Synchronized advertising (coming soon)

After uploading, Agora synchronizes the new propery to previously set websites, automatically.

Admin interface for team leaders (coming soon)

Follow your team’s portfolio, their clients, customer managementa and sent offers. Works real-time.