Ingyenes teszidőszakunk alatt most korlátozás nélkül kipróbálhatod az Agorát. A letöltéshez kattints IDE.During our free trial period, you can try the Agora without any restrictions. Click HERE to download.


Be flexible, be present

Create a new property ad right on the spot – and follow it’s performance 0-24 from your pocket. Use our intuitive search to simply draw a circle on the map.

Close more deals

Work smart, sell more. Save your time to improve your productivity. Forget the administration, but don’t forget anything important. Our reminders are there for you, to get things done.

For managers

Follow your team real-time, forget the old ways, and the Excel-attached emails. Create effective reports about your team’s productivity.

In-app features

Register your new sales assignments right in the house, upload them, and share them with your network immediately with a few taps. You don’t need hours of manual back-office work anymore. Spend your time on much more important things instead: your customers.

Database anytime, anywhere

Let your complete office be at hand 24/7 anywhere! Have all your properties for sale and clients who want to purchase in your pocket anytime, no matter you are on the field, travelling or have a meeting.

Share your properties with your network

Unity is strength. Agora is not only available for freelancer agents but agencies and brokerages as well. With one tap you can share your properties with your network to unleash the power of your network.

Register properties right on the field

We used our professional experiences to reinvent the whole workflow of registering a new sales assignment. With Agora, all your houses get online right when you step out of the door. You don’t need additional back-office work to do anymore.

Autosync to ad sites

Being visible online is essential in the present world in regard to marketing. With Agora, you just need to set all your websites once you want to have your advertisements on, and it automatically uploads your ads to all the sites. You will be covered online in a sec.

Picture enhancer (coming soon)

We know pictures are the most important when you want to sell a property. That’s why we developed a built-in photo enhancer module that automatically converts your pictures to their best look.

Set and save searches

Create and save as many searches as you want. To continue browsing just tap the search and open it.

Send offers with two taps

If you found a good property for your client, just tap the share button to send it to him.

Printable property flyer in a minute

Do you prefer personal recommendations to virtual when you want to offer something to your client? No problem! Just hit the print button and Agora automatically creates an excellent flyer about the property.

To-do list with notifications

Forget the notebooks and separate applications to keep your tasks updated. Set them in Agora and it reminds you when it’s time. If you want you can also create reports from them.

Customizable platform

We know everybody has his own secret and works a little differently than others. That’s why we made Agora a fully customizable platform so we can fit it to your needs 100%.

Digital contract generator (coming soon)

Digital signature today is a completely accepted method of authentication in legal means. We believe that it does not only make our life much easier but we also protect our environment by using much less paper. Soon, you will have the opportunity to generate and sign all your necessary contracts digitally with Agora.

Manager view (coming soon)

We don’t forget sales managers and team leaders either. Using the manager view of Agora you can track your team’s performance anywhere, anytime. Would you like to know how many new assignments or visits have been made? Just open it and there are the answers.